Our motivation to be part of Chakota-TRC comes from a common mission, and so we act with honesty and sincerity in all our interactions within Chakota-TRC. With our focus always on our Riders, we carefully protect individual and Rider confidentiality. We maintain a belief that the program is bigger than any one of us, and we avoid conflicts of interest and any behavior that would come from selfish or ulterior motives.


Our commitment to Chakota-TRC is expressed in our standard of excellence in all we do. We strive to provide the best of everything – instructors, facilities, horses, equipment, volunteers and staff. Knowing we are never too good to try harder, learn more, open new doors, search for new answers, we are constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves and our program. We accept that patience is an important part of the process of individual progress.


We show consideration and honor for persons, animals, and property, and do everything in our power to preserve the honor and integrity of the person, animal, and property. All individuals who are affiliated with Chakota-TRC will respect life, creatures, and the earth. None of us is above another. We are all equals. We are all Riders. We are all teachers. We hold admiration and open-mindedness to the possibilities that someone or something can bring into our lives – an acknowledgement that everything serves a purpose and is precious.

Team Work

We are all working toward a common goal, and in that work we are responsible and accountable toward one another and toward Chakota-TRC. Our work ethic is that no job is too small-no person too big. We are hardworking, dedicated individuals who work together and are willing to go above and beyond when required. We recognize that everyone has a gift to give; we rely on each other and can be relied upon at all times. We have the ability to, when required, compromise with others to achieve the common good.


Caring means Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Nurturing, and Giving. When we care, we have a true concern for the health and well-being of others and of all life; we see the world through eyes other than our own. Our sensitivity to the needs of others results in active caring, in going outside ourselves and wearing “someone else’s skin.” The concern and love we have for people and all life envelopes Chakota-TRC and create an environment that rejuvenates the souls of all who come here.


We have the ability to accept others’ ideas, solutions, creativity, and differences with an open mind and heart; we suspend judgment, bias, and pre-conceived expectations in our dealings with our Riders and with others. We look for the ability in people, not the disability. We celebrate differences and search for common good.


The prevention of accidents and ensuring the security of persons, animals, and property is a priority for all who are associated with Chakota-TRC. Everything is questioned; every detail is attended to; every person places safety first in all activities. Chakota-TRC provides a non-threatening environment where trust is of paramount importance. Rules and guidelines for safety are followed at all times, checks and balances are in place, and safety education is continuously provided and expected of all staff and volunteers.

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